Case Studies in Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis for Protein Therapeutics 

A protein-focused Webinar that discusses case studies in dynamic imaging particle analysis (DIPA). DIPA methods and techniques have consistently shown results that are preferable to those achieved with other means, and can provide insight into therapeutic protein formulations, especially for particles in the 2 to 10 micron range. 

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Glenn Wilson, President, West Coast BioDesigns: Glenn has over thirty years of experience developing and commercializing drug and medical device products. He's an expert in subvisible particle characterization. Glenn will provide us with an overview of micro-flow imaging and will discuss whether or not it’s capable of distinguishing particle types less than 10 μm in size.

Dan Berdovich, President, Micro Measurement Labs: Dan is an authority on particle analysis who’s earned an award for a peer-reviewed paper on visual inspection standards of injectable drug products. Dan will discuss USP particulate matter testing for investigation and compliance. 

Lew Brown, Technical Director, Fluid Imaging Technologies. Lew will discuss glass shard detection in protein therapeutics using dynamic imaging particle analysis.