Water Quality Monitoring Made Easy

Get a Hands-On Demonstration of the FlowCam and VisualSpreadsheet at AWWA WQTC18

Watch the FlowCam acquire data in real-time from a culture mix in the video below.

  • The camera snaps an image of the flow cell channel as the FlowCam pulls the sample through the channel.
  • VisualSpreadsheet, the FlowCam's analysis software, identifies the boundaries of each organism in the sample, records and measures 40+ physical parameters from each organism image.
  • Following the sample run, images can be sorted based on morphology and manipulated using user-defined parameters. Develop image libraries to use in future runs to improve and quicken your analysis. 

Come try it for yourself! Bring a sample to Booth 511 and get a hands-on demonstration of the FlowCam and our intelligent analysis software VisualSpreadsheet. Download the FlowCam 8000 brochure below, and a guide to our technology, Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis, by filling out the form to the right. 

Download FlowCam 8000 Brochure