FlowCam Undergraduate Student Grant Program Details

For Undergraduate Students and Professors

FlowCam 5000 Aquatic w. collage
Pictured  above, the FlowCam 5000

Here's your chance to incorporate the use of a FlowCam 5000 into your research project.  The newest product in our line of flow imaging microscopes, the FlowCam 5000 was designed to streamline and simplify data acquisition and analysis.

Professors who are not involved in research, but who wish to incorporate the FlowCam into their curriculum are also encouraged to apply.

Fill the form to the right to download an application.

Application deadline is July 31, 2020
Please send an email to Savannah Judge if you have any questions, use the email subject line: Undergraduate FlowCam Grant Application. We encourage you to discuss your ideas and questions with us.

Download the Program Announcement

Research proposal must include:

  1. Research questions and hypotheses
  2. Methods, emphasizing how you will make best use of the FlowCam
  3. Description of who will use the FlowCam (senior thesis, capstone students, aquatic ecology lab)
  4. Student applications should provide a CV/resume along with a letter from your advisor endorsing your project.
  5. If participating students are already known, please include their names and email in the application.

Curriculum proposal must include:

  1. Title and description of course(s) where you will use the FlowCam
  2. How will you incorporate the FlowCam into your classroom or lab activities
  3. Supplemental materials such as CV.

Proposals will be judged based on scientific merit, appropriate use of the FlowCam, and the ability to obtain measurable results during the 4 month time period. 

Recipients will be notified by mid-August, and should plan to start their project in August or September. We reserve the right to not select any proposals if none adequately meet the selection criteria.

Recipient must reference FlowCam in title of presentation & publications, as well as acknowledge Fluid Imaging in social media and other outlets.