Automate and Streamline the Tedious Process of Manual Microscopy

The FlowCam provides a cost-effective, efficient and fast solution to monitor source water, reservoirs, and water treatment processes.

Here’s how it works:

FlowCam Cyano Explainer Video 2019


Use the FlowCam to:

  • Analyze organisms and particles ranging from 2 µm to 1 mm
  • Identify cyanobacteria, nuisance, and filter-clogging algae
  • Automate cell counts for cyanobacterial colonies and filaments 
  • Process a 1 mL sample in 6 minutes
  • VisualSpreadsheet® software performs image analysis by measuring 40+ morphological parameters including biovolume, coloration, shape, and size to classify taxa. 

Reduce labor hours, detect nuisance algae, and predict harmful algae blooms and taste & odor events with the FlowCam. 


To learn more about how the FlowCam works compared to traditional microscopy, download the Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy by filling out the form to the right.