ALH for FlowCam - isolated

ALH for FlowCamTM
Automated Liquid Handling for Unattended Flow Imaging Microscopy

Designed with flexibility in mind, ALH for FlowCam integrates seamlessly with the
FlowCam 8000 instrument series and VisualSpreadsheet software.

ALH for FlowCam enables unattended FlowCam operation including sample preparation, injection, data acquisition, and cleaning between samples. A large, configurable deck provides ample space for a variety of microplate types, options for deck accessories such as heating and cooling nests or shakers and is even adaptable to custom vials.

ALH for FlowCam Deck positions

Key benefits of ALH for FlowCam:

  • Fully unattended flow imaging microscopy for up to 384 samples
  • Compatible with FlowCam 8000, FlowCam LO, and FlowCam Cyano
  • Configurable sample deck with 10 positions for well plates, pipette tips, integrated heater, and shaker for flexible sample queuing and automated sample preparation
  • Higher productivity and improved data reproducibility through automated sample handling and instrument operation
  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use software for experiment setup and execution with integrated data acquisition using VisualSpreadsheet software
  • Cleaner, safer particle analysis via automation and a HEPA-filtered sample enclosure
  • A complete solution for integrated, automated flow imaging microscopy with all-inclusive system installation, IQ/OQ validation, application support, and service packages

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Learn more about important considerations when automating your FlowCam workflow by downloading our White Paper, Five Key Benefits of Automating Flow Imaging Microscopy

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FlowCam models compatible with Automated Liquid Handling:

FlowCam Left Angle Isolated FlowCam LO FlowCam Cyano transparent background 2-3

FlowCam 8000

Size, concentration, and morphology by Flow Imaging Microscopy from 2 µm to 1 mm

FlowCam LO

Flow Imaging Microscopy and Light Obscuration in a single instrument

FlowCam Cyano

For quick cyanobacteria detection and
enumeration using pigment fluorescence.