FlowCam 5000 

The new FlowCam 5000 is streamlined for rapid data acquisition and analysis.

As our most affordable instrument, the FlowCam 5000 is ideal for every organization, agency and research institution that monitors water quality for drinking, recreation, and research.  It was designed for general monitoring applications, FlowCam 5000 - benchtop - edited process-specific monitoring applications like drinking water utilities, as well as for aquatic research and educational institutions.

Using flow imaging microscopy, FlowCam instruments provide digital images that allow for rapid count, measurement, and identification of organisms and particles in a liquid sample. 

 With the FlowCam 5000 you can:

  • Analyze freshwater and marine samples
  • Calculate cell counts, concentration, & biovolume
  • Provide semi-automated classification of taxa
  • Identify cyanobacteria, taste & odor algae, nuisance & filter clogging alga

Download FlowCam 5000 for Aquatic Research Brochure

Download FlowCam 5000 for Drinking Water Brochure 

FlowCam Product Matrix - RGB-2